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3:50 PM

5 mi


7:44 mi


162 lb
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Rainy and 20mph winds outside today. :-( I'd really like to get in a few of my speed days outside, but it wasn't happening today.

Treadmill: 1% incline

WU: 11:00 progressive

WO: 4 x 4:00 at current 5K pace (6:07p) with 2:00 recovery jog

On #2 and #4 speed up to 6:00p.

CD: 0.5 mi

I put the treadmill at 1% this week instead of 2% because I was dying by the end of last week's workout, and I didn't hit my target pace. So today I wanted to "train the body not punish it", so I picked a challenging but achievable level of difficulty, and I hit all my paces (without dying but without it feeling easy).