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9:15 AM

7.1 mi


9:11 mi


162 lb


51 F
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This was a yucky run. I'd intended to do 16 today (to the dam and back). But I was hating it at mile 1 and mile 2 and mile 3, so I turned around after the farm house at mile 3.5. My knees and quads felt tight from yesterday's 5K win and maybe still from last Sunday's half. I didn't feel that pressing on further would do me any good today, and it might do some harm if my ITBs start acting up again like they were last week.

After the turnaround, I also tried eating some saltines. I thought their nutrition and salt might be helpful on long runs, so I wanted to beta test them. But the six I ate nearly choked me. Each one sucked all the moisture out of my mouth, and it seemed to constrict my throat where I couldn't breathe. So I won't be using them at the monkey. My next food attempt will be vanilla wafers. They were great at an aid station last year during the monkey.