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7:41 AM

5 km


6:52 mi


162 lb


70 F

Race Result

20 / 400 (5%)
1 / 9 (11.1%)
16 / 180 (8.9%)

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Ellie's Run For Africa 5K

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This was run at PWP on the Vaughn's Creek XC course. It was a tough course on a warm, humid morning. Christi Beth Adams said she always thought this was the toughest XC course in the SEC, and I don't doubt it.

I tried to run a good even effort the whole way. I was behind David Canas for the first half, then once I passed him I ran as if he was on my tail the whole way. David Peterson (63yo from Smyrna 5K) also hung with me the whole way, and Jessi Christensen stayed right in front of me the whole race. In the end, Trey Harwell was a minute ahead of me, Jessi was 5 seconds ahead, DavidP was 2 seconds behind, and DavidC was about 30 seconds behind.

Overall, it was a really fun race, and it was my first XC race. Racing 5K on trails is hard! But I liked it.

Update: In the results I'm listed as first in my age group, but that's only because the first two masters overall runners were from my age group (Trey was 2nd masters). So technically I was the third M40AG runner to finish, and DavidC was fourth.