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10:08 AM

4.4 mi


9:10 mi


161 lb


75 F
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I did this workout between thunderstorms today. The sun came out, and it was very humid. There were also 25+ mph steady winds, which kept blowing crap in my face and eyes. I was going to do 20 soccer field crosses like I did last Tuesday, but it didn't work out.

My left quad started cramping on the first rep, and it didn't get better. On the 11th rep, it started to cramp worse, so I eased in the 12th rep and called it a day. I'm going to ice my quad tonight because it still has a tight, post-cramp soreness in it.

FWIW, both of these cramps happened immediately after I did some static deep lunge stretches (prior to the 1st and 11th reps). I guess I should leave those out of my "loosening up" routine because they certainly didn't help me today. Or I should just do standard lunges and not the deep yoga lunge that's supposed to stretch the hip flexors. It just hurt me today.