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8:15 AM

10 km


6:38 mi


160 lb


44 F

Race Result

24 / 627 (3.8%)
5 / 37 (13.5%)
23 / 261 (8.8%)
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Beautiful day for a race. I wanted to run sub-40, but 6:26p felt a little too fast in the first mile. I backed off to a more sustainable pace, and I ran pretty even overall. This wasn't a PR, but it was my second fastest 10K ever. I just need to do more tempo runs and long runs now that the weather is better.

After the race, Greg Eubanks reminded me of an important Bobby Knight quote, "The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to practice to win." Greg paraphrased it as, "A race is a test of what you've done. It's not the will to win on race day, it's the will to prepare to win on the many days you run alone." Amen! I just didn't get it done this winter.