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11:46 AM

5.8 mi


8:15 mi


162 lb


68 F
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This workout felt like crap. I'm racing on Saturday, so I only wanted to do a 3x800 F w/3:00 jog workout today. I'd hoped for mile pace, but it ended up closer to 5K pace. It felt like crap because I couldn't breathe again. My lungs felt like they had fluid in them, and after I stopped running I coughed for several minutes straight. That continued most of the afternoon.

Update: I went to the doctor tonight. He listened to my lungs and said I had some chest congestion, probably caused by something viral. He gave me an albuterol breathing treatment while I was there, and he gave me a cortizone shot in the butt. He also prescribed hycodan, which is a narcotic cough syrup, but I'm not going to take that. I'll stick with cough drops.