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12:50 PM

6.2 mi


7:04 mi


158 lb
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It was fairly nice weather outside today, but I forgot my Garmin. :-( Since it was long tempo intervals today, I decided to do them on the treadmill at work rather than trying to fit them in after work (since I had to pick up Aaron at art class tonight).

WU: 9:20 progressive

WO: 2 x 15:00 at 10K pace (6:23p or 9.4mph) with 3:00 recovery jog

CD: 1:00

I didn't do as long a WU or CD as the plan called for because (a) I had to get back to work and (b) it was HOT in the workout room today. There's no fan, and I had a short-sleeve shirt on instead of a singlet (because I'd planned to be outside). I was burning up. I kept pulling my sleeves up trying to dissapate some heat, but I was pretty much just stuck in a static cylinder of hot air. This workout would have been easier on the greenway.