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6:15 PM

3.6 mi


7:27 mi


158 lb


68 F
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I ran at the front with Mark and Will. I talked to Mark about my training; he's the Fleet Feet Speed Session coach. He said going from 25 to 40 won't gain me anything, and I'd probably just lose intensity (he's right). He said I'd have to go from 25 to 65 to make a big improvement with the "run more" philosophy. He recommended going back to 25 miles a week with lots of intensity. For long runs he said 8-10 miles for a 5Ker and only about 25% of my weekly mileage. All that agrees with what I've been feeling this spring.

I didn't do the extra 2 miles today because I'd already run this morning, and I was tired. My right ITB was also bothering me just a little bit, and I don't want it to turn nasty (or East Nasty). Next week I'm skipping the morning run on Wednesday.