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6:30 AM

18.5 mi


11:46 mi


174 lb


71 F


My longest run to date. It was 71 degrees at the start and 80 at the finish. I walked a lot the last 6 miles.

My course was:

Start PWP main drive CCW,

Go out the exit road at Deep Wells then back in the entrance road,

Continue on main drive,

Take the north connector into EWP,

Run the EWP main loop, the loop around shelter 5, and the overlook loop,

Take the south connector back into PWP,

Continue CCW on the main drive,

Run Luke Lea,

Finish at the stone gates.

I drank 80 ounces of water and used 3 gel packs. I carried a water bottle and my fuel belt, and I had to stop at the Golf club house to refill my bottles.

My left knee ITB ached a lot, but stretching it periodically helped. Mostly my legs were just beat by the end.