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8:40 AM

12.4 mi


10:01 mi


160 lb


75 F
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I felt fine for the first 9.5 miles (except for the three times when I got lost on the trail). Then I had to walk up a hill because my legs felt like lead. I finished my water early in mile 10, and the last couple of miles were a hot, run+walk sufferfest. Oh well, it was still a good run, but it would have been smarter to just run the Volunteer trail (11.2) instead of adding on the extra mile of the Day Loop trail. But I didn't add it last time due to GI problems, so I didn't want to skip it today. On a cooler day, it would have gone better. Today it was toasty. It was 81 degrees when I finished.

Bonus: When I got home I found two ticks crawling on me. Bleh.