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6:00 AM

5.3 mi


8:35 mi


164 lb


74 F
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CPA Track


Fleet Feet Summer Speed Sessions. The humidity wasn't that bad this morning, and I felt pretty good. Today was 10x400, which is one of my favorite workouts.

WU: 5 laps progressive, stretches, 2 x 200 w/200 jog

WO: 10 x 400 @ 1:26 (R, 5:42 pace) with 1:00 recovery

CD: 4 laps

My Garmin recorded the whole workout, but somehow the data was lost when I got home. It shows no record for today. Fortunately, I kept things really simple today. I ran the first 9 repeats between 1:24 and 1:26 except for one I accidentally ran at 1:21 (I think rep 5). But I ran pretty much all out on rep 10, and I did it in 1:12. So that was a satisfying finish.