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8:00 AM

5 km


7:10 mi


173 lb


50 F

Race Result

3 / 69 (4.3%)
1 / 16 (6.3%)
2 / 42 (4.8%)


My first top-3 overall placement!

When the RD said to lineup, no one but me and Paige Biglin (a female runner) would step up to the line. Everyone else hung back. There were no "local elites" there. I actually led the race for the first 0.25mi, but then Paige passed me. She went on to win 1st overall. Another guy (Jake Maurer) passed me at about 1.5mi, and he went on to get 2nd overall. One other guy hung with me until the halfway point, and then he pulled up and started walking. No one else got close to me after that, so I just kept running scared. I almost puked at the end.

They only gave out 1st place awards for overall and age groups, but luckily the guy ahead of me was in the 20-29 age group. So with the 1st place age group award, I made more in gift certificates than I spent on the race. :-)

The only downsides to the race were the wind and the pigeon that pooped in my hair at mile 2.5. :-(