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7:30 AM

5 km


6:37 mi


168 lb


80 F

Race Result

39 / 405 (9.6%)
1 / 16 (6.3%)
36 / 228 (15.8%)

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Smyrna Parks 5K and 1mi

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The bad: This was the slowest I've ever run at Smyrna. I was only a couple of seconds faster here than at White House in June, which was much hillier. Perhaps donating blood two weeks ago took it's toll. I know the 80* temp with 90% humidity didn't help. I probably should have ate and drank something before the race too. I was hungry and thirsty.

The good: I tried to run a smart race. I clearly slowed down in miles 2 and 3. However, I kept passing people, and I wasn't getting passed. I just tried to race those around me, and I didn't pay attention to my watch. I got ahead of Jimmy Fryer, but I couldn't catch Theresa. At least my foot didn't hurt.

Afterward, I did a cooldown with Don Mouldeux, and I forgot to reset the time on my watch. So that run is lumped in with this one.