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4:00 PM

5 mi


7:53 mi


163 lb
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It got a little over 40* outside today, but it rained all day. So I did my workout at home.

Incline: 2%

WU: 10:00 progressive

WO: 5 x 3:00 at current 5K pace with 2:00 recovery jog. Hammer #3 and #5.

I ran #1, #2, and #4 at 6:07p (9.8mph), and I ran #3 at 6:00p. I did ok on the first 4, although #3 was pretty hard. I started #5 at 6:00p, but after 1:30 I slowed back to 6:07p, and with 0:40 to go I slowed back to 6:15p. I was pooped out by then. I felt really fatigued, and my sides and diaphragm were cramping. Maybe Sunday's trail run affected me more than I thought.

CD: 4-5 minutes to get to an even 5mi.