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9:57 AM

3.6 mi


8:45 mi


162 lb


58 F
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This was a blah run that I wasn't motivated for. I'm a little fatigued from yesterday's 5K and 5mi races, and I wasn't in the mood to run today. But I went to Cedar Hill to give it a try because it's close. After a mile I wasn't hating it, but I wasn't enjoying it. After 3 miles, it occurred to me that the ONLY reason I was out there today was because I was worried about getting my weekly mileage over 30. That seemed stupid when I thought about it, so I ran to the car and headed home.

Overall, it was a good week, but I don't want total mileage to be a determinant. Enjoyment and reaching race goals are more important. Next weekend's Ragnar Relay will be the next test, and forcing myself through extra miles today probably wouldn't be of any benefit to me for that.