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7:01 AM

26.2 mi


8:04 mi


167 lb


45 F

Race Result

5 / 60 (8.3%)
2 / 13 (15.4%)
5 / 41 (12.2%)

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Southern TN Plunge Marathon

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Marathon PR by 35 minutes on a hilly, windy course. I wore my hydration vest because I tried my best to treat this like a training run. The headwind the first half was awful. In the second half, I passed 4 people, which was nice. I slowed a little on the last few hills. Overall, I had an enjoyable time though.

I got 1st master ($150 award) because the real 1st master finished 2nd overall ($250 award). That was an unexpected bonus for me. I couldn't really tell where I was in the field because we took off with 137 halfers. Once they split off at mile 8, I slowly ran down everyone I saw in front of me. But there was a 23 minute gap between me and 4th place, so that guy was clearly out of reach!