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8:26 AM

17 mi


9:27 mi


158 lb


63 F
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Higdon called for 17, so I did the 11.2 CCW + 5.8 CW. It's pretty tough, and I was slower than the 9:00 average pace I was hoping for. But I didn't want to push it harder because I thought time on my feet was more important than speed today. It also gave me some confidence to get through 17 there without breaking. I doubt I'll do any of my other long runs there before Grandma's.

I saw Tanya, Cheryl, and Theresa today during or after my run. Overall, there were fewer runners out than normal probably because of yesterday's CMM. It was very windy today (20mph), and PWP blocked most of that, which is part of why I picked it for today's long run. It was also a good balance to yesterday's flat tempo run in Shelby Bottoms.