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10:14 AM

8 mi


7:35 mi


159 lb


55 F
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Friday I had a fever, high blood pressure, and body aches, so I didn't race on Saturday. But today I felt fine, so I decided to do a medium length, flat, easy run. I looked down around the 1 mile mark and saw I was at 8:16 pace, so I decided to slow down. I didn't want to push it and get sick again. So I didn't look at my watch again until the 5 mile mark, and it showed a 7:46 pace. The pace felt good, so I decided I'd just try to hold it for the last 3 miles. But when I finished I was at 7:34 pace, and I'd run the last three miles at 7:23 or faster.

The good news is that it really did feel easy today, and I don't feel fatigued at all. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't do the Purity 10K yesterday because if I'd been healthy I could have crushed my PR. But that'll come later. I'm just glad I could get in a healthy, easy run today.