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4:30 PM

1.5 mi


8:00 mi


162 lb
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VO2 max and threshold testing with Sonja Friend-Uhl. She has a CardioCoach fitness monitor by Korr Medical Technologies, which measures VO2 max, aerobic threshold, and anaerobic threshold. It also linked with her Polar heart rate monitor and her StarTrac treadmill to track my HR as I went through each zone.

The test started with 3mph walking and sped up in half mph increments until I told her I was at 70% intensity (which I think was somewhere in the 7:00-7:30 pace range). Then she left the speed constant and started ramping up the incline for a minute per adjustment. By the fourth adjustment (6 or 7% I think), I told her I was at 90% intensity, so I had to hold that for one more minute. Then she reduced the grade and speed quickly to get back to a comfortable recovery jog, so it could measure my heart rate recovery times.

Final numbers were:

Start AeT AnT Peak

VO2 8.1 36.9 50.9 66.4

HR 93 138 171 186

Cal/Hr 172 784 1081 1408

AeT = Aerobic Threshold

AnT = Anaerobic Threshold

Recovery Heart Rate: Peak at 186, 1 min at 148 (41%), 2 min at 127 (64%)

That gives target workout zones of:

Low Moderate High Peak

HR 93-138 138-171 171-182 182-186

Cal/Hr 172-784 784-1081 1081-1326 1326-1408