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7:33 AM

5 km


6:19 mi


158 lb


67 F

Race Result

9 / 285 (3.2%)
3 / 9 (33.3%)
8 / 78 (10.3%)


Trey Harwell caught up to me about a half mile in, and I forced myself to hang with him until the 3 mile marker. Then I sprinted to the finish line. I was a step ahead of him at the finish line, but his chip time was still a fraction ahead of me. We both posted 19:35 chip times, but he got one place higher in the rankings. Greg Eubanks took first in our age group. Matt Adams (Christi Beth's husband) ran between Trey and I the whole race, and he finished just behind me in the rankings.

The rain stopped just before the race. There were numerous puddles on the greenway, and several muddy washouts across the road by the lake. None of us were clean after the race.

I wore my white racing singlet, my blue racing shorts, and no hat. That worked out pretty good for me.