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6:02 AM

17.7 mi


8:10 mi


160 lb


79 F
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Striders 18 mile training run. Ran with Andrew the first 4 miles, then solo for most of the rest of it. I held a pretty even effort throughout, so that was good. At 9 miles, the Garmin said I was at an 8:08 average pace, and by the end I was at 8:09. The last 4-5 miles were tougher because the sun was up, and things started to get hot. The temp was 72 at the start and 79 at the finish. The humidity was "sticky".

The only problem I had was by mile 15 my socks and shoes were soaked. It makes my toes raw to run in that much moisture that long. I'm not sure how to make them wick more or sweat less...