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8:05 AM

13.1 mi


6:58 mi


160 lb


35 F

Race Result

12 / 306 (3.9%)
2 / 23 (8.7%)
12 / 128 (9.4%)

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This race went ok, but I never felt good from the beginning. Everything was tight during warm-ups and during the race. I didn't feel springy or powerful. Mostly just blah. I shouldn't have worn my racing flats because my feet felt hammered by the end. I shouldn't have worn the leg compression "sleeves" because they made my knees and ITBs ache by mile 6. I also wish it had been 10-15 degrees warmer at the start. It was cold, and there was a constant 6 mph wind from the north. I'm not acclimated to that yet. I wore my long sleeve 2007 monkey shirt, and it felt fine at the start but too warm later in the race. I was on 6:52 pace for the first several miles, but I lost it by mile 10. The last 3.1 just sucked.

Oh well. There'll be better races ahead. I didn't even feel like going to this one today because I've felt blah for a couple of weeks now (since right before Aaron was diagnosed with H1N1). I'll take it easy for a few days this week, and I'll start back with easy long runs next weekend.

Note: There was a chip time mat at the 6.55 mile mark to record our halfway split. My halfway time was 45:11, which means I was about 1 second per mile off (6:53) where I wanted to be at that point. My second half took 46:03, which was a 7:01 pace. :-(