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7:05 AM

5.2 mi


7:43 mi


166 lb


53 F
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It was supposed to rain today at lunch (which it did), so I ran this morning while the sun was still out and relatively warm. About 0.6mi in I ran into "Bob" an English guy that had first talked to me about the Nashville Striders and the greenways way back in 2006 (when I stopped by the Concord Rd greenway to look at the map). So it was nice to see him again. I thanked him for his early help and told him I was still running. He said he runs regularly with the Striders group on Saturday mornings at 8am at PWP starting from the Steeplechase.

I should have worn gloves because the wind made my hands cold, but overall it was a good run. My new Adidas felt a little loose in the heels at first, but they seemed fine after a mile or so.