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12:49 PM

4 mi


9:49 mi


159 lb


36 F
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WU: 15:00 easy

WO: 2 x 15 of normal skip, high skip, long skip, high march, fast shuffles, bounds, butt kicks, high knees, carioca, backwards running, rocket jumps

CD: 10:00 easy

This workout went ok until the first set of bounds or butt kicks. After that the inside of my right knee started to hurt when doing the strides after the drills. For the second set I did just the drills without the strides, and my knee was mostly ok. But it hurt a lot when doing high knees and one direction on carioca during the second set. I've never had a problem in that area before, so I just took it easy on the run back to work. It didn't bother me on the cooldown.