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8:00 AM

26.2 mi


10:23 mi


160 lb


39 F

Race Result

100 / 193 (51.8%)


I ran too fast in the first half (8:31 pace), and I paid for it around mile 16 going up the back side of 3-mile hill. Then when I got to mile 18 and had to go back up the hill all the way to mile 20, I was shot. Mile 19 took me 18:47, and it was my worst mile by far. My legs recovered a little bit by mile 22, but I had to run/walk because my lower legs were killing me. My back muscles were tired too. But my cardio felt fine; I was never out of breath. My lower legs HURT, so I just ran until I had to walk. I even stopped to sit down three times for about a minute or so to let the muscle aches subside a little.

It was 24 degrees at 7am, so we froze standing around. But it got up to 39 at the start, and it probably hit 50 at its peak (~11am). But right after I finished, cloud cover moved in and the after-party was cold and windy.

Clothing: Base layer was green shorts + 2007 brown monkey tech shirt (LS). Outer layer was blue running pants and white LS tech shirt. I removed the outer layer at mile 12 and picked it back up (tied around my waist) on the way in. I wore the white L Pearl Isumi socks with the mesh tops that I got free with the PI SyncroPace shoes I wore in the race. The size 11 toebox helped because I didn't get the usual blisters across the tops of my right toes.