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8:15 PM

5 mi


8:42 mi


165 lb
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Focused on upper and lower body mechanics. I tried shoving my elbows back quickly, and it really helped lift the same side leg easier. When I concentrated, I could keep my elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and feet all in sync, but when I lost focus, my form tightened up a little. With concentration, it was simple to get a relaxed form back. Once I get it ingrained, it really should make me a faster, more relaxed runner.

When I was throwing my elbows back and my knees were lifting up, I thought I must look exactly like MarathonJunkie (Chuck Engle). That's how he runs, and it clearly works for him. I just never understood the mechanics before.

I watched the first half of Duke vs. Maryland on ESPN and listened to music.