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11:37 AM

4.2 mi


8:17 mi


157 lb


73 F
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8 x .25mi @~5:40 pace with 1:25 recovery (plus warmup and cooldown).

I took an S!Cap for the first time today, and it seemed fine. I sweated a lot, but it didn't upset my stomach. I performed fairly well despite the heat and some lingering leg soreness, so maybe the S!Cap helped. At least it didn't hurt.

I tried to take Jeff's advice and "train the body; don't punish it". So I made my recovery interval 1:25 instead of 1:00 since 1:25 was my interval goal time (5:40 pace). The additional 25 seconds recovery made a big difference especially on the later intervals since it was less of an endurance workout. I was able to focus on running fast with good form without being so exhausted and out of breath.

Still the last four intervals felt like I was running slow. I wanted to go faster, but I knew I couldn't hold a faster pace for the full .25mi. I actually thought I'd dropped below 6:00 pace, but none were slower than 5:46 pace. Overall, I was very pleased with today's workout.