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10:35 AM

11.1 mi


9:38 mi


159 lb


49 F
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There were 20 mph winds, but the tress blocked a lot of that. It was only bad on a few exposed ridgelines. The temp was 54 at the finish. I was warm enough to peel off my outer shirt about a fourth of the way through the run.

I ran with my Lyra music player for the first time in months. I also ate breakfast before going out this morning. One or both of those seemed to help because today was my fastest paced white/red/blue run.

I started from Edwin Warner and ran blue/red/white CCW. I didn't take any offshoots, but I tried to run fast when I could. I still had to walk up several hills on the red trail.

My ASICS trail shoes just don't fit me well. They continue to rub blisters on my heals and toes. It's a good thing they didn't cost that much. They're fine for ~6 miles. But after that they start doing damage. :-(