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12:50 PM

8.3 mi


7:16 mi


154 lb


62 F


It was a little windy today, but I ran into it on the way out, so it was at my back on the way in. I got to run longer today because it was moving day at work, and I didn't have to go back this afternoon. I would have run more but I had no fluids, and I'm fairly sore from yesterday. I wanted to take it a little easy today, so I can do a long trail run this weekend.

Overall, I'd say I took it semi-easy today. I ran 30:00 minutes out at a 7:15 pace, so I turned around then (4.1+) and ran back at a 7:15 pace. The hills on the way back were tough (miles 5 and 6 were both 7:22 pace), but I made it up on the flats.

My weight dipped down too much because I didn't eat or drink normally today due to the move at work. I was REALLY thirsty by the end of this run.