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10:03 AM

5.3 mi


7:34 mi


159 lb


55 F
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Both Bob Buchholz and Chris Herren suggested I start doing this workout of fast 200s, focusing on form. I did a 16 x 200 at 0:39 or faster with 200 recovery. I could have done more if necessary, but I tried to keep my form correct on each one. I kept reminding myself "fast, relaxed, good form, high kickups, correct strides". It was an enjoyable workout. The winds from the west were strong, but they only affected me through the first turn (first 100m) of each rep. That kind of helped me keep an even pace the whole rep instead of starting out too fast.

After today's workout I started reflecting on two numbers: Michael Johnson's 43.18 WR 400m and Usain Bolt's 19.19 WR 200m. Running 200s in the mid 30s is difficult for me, so it's hard to conceive of how fast Johnson and Bolt can run. It's really unbelievable. Wow.