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5:56 AM

4.1 mi


7:49 mi


164 lb


74 F
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CPA Track


Last day of the Fleet Feet Summer Speed Sessions. The weather was actually good, and the humidity was low.

WU: 5 laps progressive, stretches, 2 x 200 strides w/200 jog.

WO: Time trial: 1 x 1600 all out. Walk one lap. Run last leg of a 4 x 400 relay.

CD: 4 laps

In the time trial, my Garmin's auto-lap went off a little before the finish line, so the extra 2 seconds have to be added to my "mile" interval. But I was quite pleased with my 5:28 because I'd run 5:46 and 5:42 in the previous time trials this year. One difference today was that I wore my old Asics Gel Hyperspeeds instead of the Brooks Green Silence. I think the little bit of extra sole helps. Also, the weather was much better today than last trial's rain storm. I also just went all-out today without looking at my watch. The third lap was a real sufferfest as always.

In the relay, I ran the anchor leg. We started my leg in second place and finished in second place. I made up about half the distance on the first place guy, but he was almost 100m ahead when I started (he was all the way around the turn). So that was too much to overcome. But at least no one passed me, although I heard one guy catching up, and I had to kick it some more.