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7:29 AM

5 km


6:15 mi


155 lb


45 F

Race Result

19 / 601 (3.2%)
1 / 37 (2.7%)
18 / 266 (6.8%)

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Tom King 5K

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I didn't feel great all week, but I didn't feel bad during today's warm-up. So it was a crapshoot to see what would happen during this race. I went out trying to run around 6:04 each mile, and I was doing ok through 2 miles. But after the turnaround point on Davidson St, we had a mile of running directly into 14mph winds coming off the river. That sucked! I increased my effort level, and my pace still slowed down! So nature conspired against me in the third mile. Overall, it wasn't a bad race for the first one of the season and my first master's race.

On a less positive note, I did a whole bunch of training this winter to try to improve my 5K time. I've also tracked all my food intake for 8 weeks in a row, and I've kept my weight down to 155lbs for a few weeks. But even being 7 pounds lighter than last fall and doing consistent speedwork, I still couldn't lower my 5K PR. Sheesh. I look forward to warmer weather and summer speed sessions.

Note: I was listed as 1st in my age group, but they pulled out the top master's runner for a separate award. So I was actually the 2nd 40 year old to finish.