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6:25 AM

1.3 mi


5:18 mi


164 lb


72 F
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CPA Track


Final 1 mile time trial for the Fleet Feet Summer Speed Sessions. My legs felt dead from Sunday's 18 miler, plus it was dark and rainy. I just couldn't get going today. The good news is that I was only 1 second off my PR, and I was running on dead legs. I had no kick at all in the fourth lap! My goal had been to run 1:21 or 1:22 for each lap, so I really only blew it in the third lap. Hopefully, I'll have fresher days ahead.

After the time trial, we split into teams and did a 4 x 400 relay. My team came in fourth (I think), and I ran the anchor leg in 67 seconds. Not too bad.