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8:04 AM

18 mi


9:40 mi


169 lb


57 F
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Flying Monkey Marathon

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This was an ugly Monkey day. My right foot was hurting by 4 miles, then my left knee by 11, then my right knee by 14. I almost didn't go start today, so after 18 miles I just didn't care to keep going. I'd have had to walk most of the last 8.2. Plus it rained on us continuously starting at mile 4. Gretchen gave me a ride back to my car.

Maybe now I can officially be done with the Monkey and with marathons. I've started 8 marathons and only finished 5 (4 x Monkey + Winchester). I've DNFed Grandma's, Greenway, and now Monkey. I don't count my 50K because I still had to walk the last 8 miles of it to finish. Unless it's summer and I'm a doing a 20 miler every weekend, then I don't need to attempt any more marathons.