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11:48 AM

4.2 mi


8:42 mi


165 lb


86 F
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I ran easy the first 2 miles, and I saw Greg Eubanks. In mile 3 I worked on running with good heel pickup. I focused on my hamstrings and getting a good pull through their whole range of motion. I didn't worry about turnover, but just having the increased heel height made mile 3 much faster. Mile 4 was a strength/plyometrics mile. I did at least two sets each of high heels, high knees, sideways running, backwards running, strides, step jumps, rocket jumps, and bench jumps. Mile 4 was exhausting!

The high knees drills hurt the inside of my right knee just like they did the last few weeks of the Summer Speed Sessions. I'm not sure what's going on with that. It's only the high knees drills that affect it. Maybe there's a weakness when my foot lands farther out in front of me than normal.