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8:03 AM

26.2 mi


9:25 mi


162 lb


50 F

Race Result

66 / 232 (28.4%)
11 / 26 (42.3%)
53 / 144 (36.8%)


50* at the start and 68* at the finish. We took a different course this year because of flood damage on "Thunder Road". I liked the new course better because the OAB portion on Steeplechase Road let me see who was close in front of me and behind me.

I ran ok until about mile 20 this year. I walked through a lot of water stops and drank water and/or Gatorade. I also ate vanilla wafers and beef jerky. That all helped, but going uphill to Luke Lea will still a killer. I didn't get back to running well until after mile 23. For the last 3.2 miles I had to alternate sprinting and walking because my "marathon shuffle" muscles were too tight, and my right ITB was really hurting. Fast running was manageable though, so I just ran intervals whenever I could and until I ran out of breath.

Amy also finished today. She started at 6:30am, an hour and a half early. I saw her at mile 11 on the OAB, and then passed her after 14. It was nice seeing her out there, and especially nice that we both finished the Monkey together. Her stats: 6:43:08, OA: 228/232, SG: 85/87, AG: 16/16.