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7:30 AM

10.2 mi


10:04 mi


166 lb


33 F

Race Result

59 / 178 (33.1%)
10 / 17 (58.8%)
53 / 123 (43.1%)


This was a tough race. This trail seemed much harder than the RWB trails at the Warner Parks. We took off fast to beat the rush to the trail, and we got there with no bottleneck or walking. But at the 1 mile point, I knew an 8:03 pace would be suicidal, so I backed off. Phil kept pushing though, and he finished in 1:28:51 (25th overall).

I didn't know how to pace it well today because the terrain was so varied and technical. I fell once in mile 3, really badly in mile 5, and a few other times later. There was no rain, but there were plenty of wet leaves, roots, rocks, and stream crossings. It was a beautiful trail, but it chewed me up and spit me out.

I won a hat in the raffle afterwards, which was nice since we didn't get shirts (because we signed up the week of the race). I also got a bruised left hand and a cut-up right shin from my mile 5 fall. (But I saw a woman afterward with a much more bloody and gorey leg wound.)