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12:49 PM

5.6 mi


8:24 mi


163 lb


53 F
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My first outdoor interval session of the year. It's been a while since I ran this fast since my treadmill only goes to 6:00p. 5:20p felt a lot harder at first.

WU: 5 laps progressive.

WO: 10 x 400 @ 5:20p (80sec/lap) w/200 recovery

CD: 2 laps easy

The third and fourth repeats were the toughest. After that I hardly had to look at my watch because I had the feel of the 5:20 pace. It was a tough workout, but at the end I thought I might could have done a couple more.

I tried to "make fast easy" as Jeff says. I focused on shoulder and elbow action and using that to drive my legs. Going north was into the wind today, so that made half of each lap a little more challenging, especially when the last half of the lap was into the wind.