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11:45 AM

5.5 mi


9:49 mi


160 lb


36 F
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It wasn't pretty outside, but there was no wind today. The only weather problem I had was wearing just my mitten "wind shells". They didn't keep my hands warm, but they trapped in my sweat and made my hands colder. That kind of sucked.

WU: 15:00 easy

WO: 8 x 60sec long hill repeats with 3:00 walk/jog down and recovery.

CD: 9:00 easy

This workout went well except my right knee started hurting on rep 5 as I ran through the tight right turn at the top of the hill. I stretched it a little, and it felt ok for the last 3 reps. I switched sides of the road because I thought it might be a camber issue. That may have helped slightly. However, 3+ hours later when I was walking down the stairs after work, it started hurting sharply again as I twisted to the right to go down a flight of stairs. :-(