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11:00 AM

11 mi


8:17 mi


160 lb


46 F


Ran down to Ravenwood HS and beyond. Turned around at the Waterfall Rd and Raintree Pkwy intersection where the greenway ended. Stopped for 40 sec. in middle to get directions to Crockett Park from another runner, but I didn't like the sound of them (e.g., running on the side of Crockett Rd), so I ended up doing an out-and-back. I also took a new offshoot to "Split Log Bikeway", but I didn't cross Wilson Pike to see where it ended.

The sun came out on the last half of the run, and it got up to 50. Yea! I decided today was the best day for a long run this week given the pending weather, so I used my last half-day off work to run at lunch.