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8:01 AM

5 km


6:49 mi


170 lb


76 F

Race Result

9 / 299 (3%)
1 / 52 (1.9%)
7 / 119 (5.9%)

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Hendersonville Classic 5K

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I tried to pace better today than at Purity. It was muggy and hard to run fast. My racing flats bothered my right foot during warmup, so I ended up racing in my regular shoes. Overall, I enjoyed the race, and I'm glad I went.

I got first Masters even though the 2nd place overall runner (John Wilcox) was a master who finished ahead of me. But they gave me $100 cash, a free $40 haircut and styling at Rodelle's, and some free Blue Coast food, so it was a good day. They offered me a free rocking chair from Cracker Barrel or the $100 cash, so I took the cash (as did every other overall winner).

I was 8th overall.