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10:30 AM

6 mi


7:25 mi


163 lb
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It's 25*, snowing, and windy outside, so it was treadmill time. I couldn't stand to do a long run on the treadmill, so I did a long interval workout.

WU: 1.25mi progressive

WO: 5 x 800 at current 5K pace (6:11p, 9.7mph) with 2:30 jog (1 lap at 10:00 pace)

1 x 1600 at current 5K pace (6:11p, 9.7mph)

CD: None

I was going to do a 6 x 800, but I felt ok at the end so I made the last 800 a double. I have plenty of leg speed, so I'm working on making my current 5K pace feel easier and more relaxed. Then racing faster 5Ks should be possible.