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9:52 AM

5.5 mi


7:31 mi


162 lb


63 F
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This was a failed tempo run. I intended to warm-up, then run 4 miles at 6:26 pace. But I didn't feel good during my warm-up. It may have been from yesterday's hilly 7 miler, or from the weekend's driveway football injury (including yesterday's tetanus (Tdap) shot). But I also ran mile 2 too fast, and that made mile 3 more difficult than I wanted. So in mile 4 I backed off to an easy recovery jog because my overall plan is to "make fast easy" and not punish my body. Then I sped up again for my fastest mile in mile 5.

So today's run would really fall somewhere between a short tempo run and a long interval run. Oh well, I enjoyed it for the most part, but I don't think I'm ready to run a sub-40 at next week's Purity 10K. I've skipped too many tempo runs the last two months. I may need to fall back to the 5K instead. The reason I went to MetroCenter today was to run part of the Purity course. The 5K turn off of the levee sure is inviting...

Note: During my warm-up mile, I saw a red fox. It was probably the same one that Karen Austin saw this week. She mentioned it at Yazoo on Thursday. I'll call it the Easter Fox.