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5:05 AM

13.1 mi


6:41 mi


162 lb


63 F

Race Result

8 / 215 (3.7%)
3 / 42 (7.1%)
8 / 109 (7.3%)

Notes said it was 63 with 99% humidity at the start. You could see it in the air as a warm fog. Right before the start, I got rid of my shirt, and I'm glad I did. I sweated like crazy today. I tried to run as hard as I could even when I couldn't see anyone in miles 4-6. But then I started to catch glimpses of some guys coming back to me, so I chased them as hard as I could. I caught them at mile 10, and we traded leads twice. But I got ahead and stayed by mile 12, and I pushed through to the end because I felt like they were chasing me.

My Garmin was right on the mile markers through mile 10, but it was way off by mile 11. I think the same thing happened last year there too. I hope the Garmin's in error and not the course markings. It's a certified course.