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5:52 AM

5.9 mi


8:45 mi


164 lb


80 F
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CPA Track


Fleet Feet Summer Speed Sessions. This was the most humid workout so far. Truly disgusting humidity.

WU: 5 laps progressive, stretches, 2 x 200 strides w/200 jog.

WO: 6 x 400 (+/-F pace, 1:20/lap or 5:20/mi) with 150 walk/250 jog

First two 400s targeted F+2sec (1:22)

Next two 400s targeted F+4sec (1:24)

Next 400 targeted F-2sec (1:18)

Last 400 was all out.

CD: 4 laps easy.

This workout was called "The Miler" because it's designed to simulate the fatigue levels felt by elite milers during races. They don't run even splits. Their last lap is their fastest, their first lap is their second fastest, their second lap is the next fastest, and their third lap is their slowest. So we started with F+2 for a couple of laps, slowed down to F+4 for a couple, then sped up again. I was pleased with my 70 second last lap.