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10:00 AM

13.1 mi


8:17 mi


160 lb


41 F


Ran with Bob. He runs the downhills faster than I usually do, so that was good training. It was also good to run this course fast while talking (assuming that helps my cardio). I was out of breath several times, but I was able to keep running and talking.

Saw Gretchen on 7 mile hill but never saw Phil.

Temp was 48 at the finish. So it was a little chilly today, but with the sun out the whole time I felt fine in shorts, a long sleeve shirt, cap, and gloves.

I also wore the ultra-thin, loose socks, and I didn't get a blister on my right toe. Sock looseness/tightness seems to be the critical factor, so I'll need to buy some more loose socks for long runs.