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4:24 PM

5.4 mi


8:19 mi


165 lb


95 F
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Decided to do a little bit of speedwork today even though it was blazing hot. Short intervals aren't doing me any good, so I thought I start with some 1 miles. Did 2 x 1mi with 1/4mi recovery. I had to walk the recovery to get my heart rate down. During the second repeat, I thought I might be having a heart attack because it felt like my heart was starting to cramp. So I slowed down a smidge to relax, but I picked it back up by the end of that repeat. The "cooldown" run to get back to the car was so hot I almost had to walk during it.

BTW, today was the start of the Fleet Feet Summer Speed Sessions, but I'm not doing it this year since they're on the south side of town.