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10:00 AM

10 km


6:16 mi

Race Result



ran first 1.5 with Joe, then he slowed way down (he refuses to run fast on steep downhills, doesn't want to get injured). I was all alone after that, but the one nice thing about an out & back is you get to see people even if you are running alone. that steep hill that Joe didn't want to run down really didn't feel good on the way back; I even walked to get a drink at the top. From the young waterboy I passed by on the way out, "I know you need water this time". The last 1.5 was almost all uphill, and my hamstrings really started burning. Felt like I slowed alot at the end but I was running without a watch (and I liked it!). Still, I'm happy with the time; as far as I can remember, I haven't run a 10K since college. Ran 38:08 around 30 years ago on a perfectly flat course, so not too bad for an old man on a very hilly course.