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9:17 AM

5.5 mi


7:42 mi


58 F
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Metro trail


1 WU, 2T, 1.5T, 1 CD. Was aiming for T at 7:15, but it turned out to be 7:04-09. Was also aiming for 2x2T but cut the second one (which is more uphill) short because I'm 10 days away from the marathon. I could have held the 7:04 pace but it would have involved pushing harder than I want to push today. Walked for about 3 minutes after each T with Garmin stopped. Recall that not long ago I ran a 5k at roughly that pace and felt amazingly fast. I could have run a faster 5k this morning without working as hard. Those intervals hurt but they work. I need to back off and rest more now, but I'll get back to those in a few weeks.