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11:51 AM

5.6 mi


8:05 mi


146 lb
134 bpm
150 bpm


55 F
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Easy after my second MCRRC Stride Clinic, at which a different PT (Ken) gave me a new glute medius exercise, and a different shoe guy told me Adidas and especially Nike suck and I should use trainers with a lower heel drop while doing regular calf stretches and massage (with a stick or ball) to help my calves adapt. Start with Saucony Ride at 8mm and then go down to whatever works at 4-5mm, because the wear on my 10mm shoes indicates that my heel is hitting the ground before it (I?) expect it to. The new exercise involves using a green band to extend my leg laterally while standing with my knees slightly bent. Key is that it's the stationary side being worked: 2 x 20 daily.